/pri.mor/ ​a spanish name meaning masculine, beauty, elegance, exquisiteness. Red wine muscadine blend with a delicious tartness that balances sweet fruit flavors. $15


/fan.ta.sía/  a Spanish name meaning imagination; a pleasant thought. Frizzante blush muscadine wine, lightly effervescent$17 

/le.ga.do/ ​a Spanish name meaning legacy. Red wine made from pure undiluted Noble muscadine grapes. Rich flavor and smooth finish. 

-Sold Out (for now)-

/es.trel.lita/ ​a Spanish name meaning little star. Crisp, refined, bright, not too sweet. White wine blend of Magnolia and Doreen muscadine grapes.$17

Wine Tasting: $5 - includes all 4 of our wines

Our wines, like our horses, are pure luxury. 

Smooth and elegant, full bodied...and for this reason we used the names of our horses to honor our wines. 

All of our wines are produced from Muscadine grapes grown on our estate.

We never use pesticides, chemical fertilizer, or herbicides.