Wine and peruvian paso horses


 The vineyard began as the retirement project of John and Claudia Ellis, a movie studio musician/oboe teacher and a Peruvian Paso horse enthusiast. The wine they produced from the small vineyard was simply made they way they enjoyed drinking it, smooth and full of flavor but not too sweet. As they shared it with friends and family they were soon being asked when they were going to sell it. Finally, in January 2015 they decided to make it available to the public. 

 Though sadly John passed away in November 2015, Claudia, 2 of their grown children and their spouses wanted to work together to continue the small family operation. The vineyard is still small, and as they slowly grow they plan to always just use the muscadines they grow organically to make simple, premium, delicious wine. 

 Overlooking 50 acres of rolling hills and horses grazing in the pasture, they invite you to sit on their front porch, sip wine and stay awhile. 


Customer Reviews

Sherry Ellis, Robert Ellis, Cristine Summers, Eric Summers
Very nice winery. Very relaxing. Nicely decorated. Loved the music and of course all three wines. Beautiful Views! Very friendly and nice. We will be back- Linda Gibbes
Awesome wine and great people. I can't say that I love one more than another, I just love all their wine. Enjoyed their events. Don't miss out, keep your eyes open for their events.- Janice Schmitz

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